Cristina Guitian - AMC Hospital

We love this 26 meter long mural that Cristina Guitian created for the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam. This is the second installation Cristina has created for the hospital, her first artwork ‘Memories of the Structure’ was so well received she was invited back to create a piece for the hospitals newly renovated office space. Cristina combined semi-transparent frost and opaque white textures, as well as creating cut out shapes on the naked glass to create a dynamic composition. The artwork actively uses the light and changes depending not only on the time of day, but also with the layering of the doors and walls whenever the doors are opened. Cristina’s mural illustrates the human body and the miracle of life from her unique perspective, she says her artwork ‘serves as a reminder that there will always be a different way to see life’. To see more of Cristina’s work click here.